Dyscalculia Screener Demonstration

This page will give you an example of some of the questions that make up the Screening process.

The test is divided into several sections, each testing different areas to provide a more accurate set of results.

Click on the images below to view the question in full size.

Number Conceptual

Number Comparative: Word

Number Comparative: Symbolic

Number Comparative: Visual-Spatial



Symbolic Abstraction

Spatial Direction


Operational: Conceptual

Number Conceptual

Answering the questions

The first few slides of the screener will instruct you how to answer the questions. Simply choose your answer and select the Next button to progress through the questions. Each time you move to a new question your test will be saved automatically to ensure you don’t lose your answers.

Once you have answered all of the questions you will be presented with the option to submit your test and receive your results.

Click the Submit button and you will be taken to your results page.

Here you will be able to see your final score along with a breakdown of the different sections of the testing process. This report will also provide you with an indicator as to the likelihood of Dyscalculia.

You will also be able to see where in the test you performed strongest and where you were less successful. This will be important if you go on to have any further assessments carried out.

Example Pages

Each block of questions will start with an example to explain how the questions should be answered.


Don’t forget to take a break!

The full screening can take up to an hour to complete but you can save your progress at any point and carry on at a later date if you need to take a break.